Hydrogen-Electric Low-Wave Boats

Marine traffic has a strongly negative impact on the architectural heritage, quality of life and local environment of wetlands and historical cities built on the water. This is due mainly due to waves, noise and pollution. We build our luxury electric boat in Venice, a city emblematic of these damaging influences. We propose:

Voga waveless hull model (above waterline only)

A Hydrogen-Electric Ultrafast Charging Boat with a Low-Wave Hull.

Waves: for one, Venice water taxis have high-speed planing hulls; paradoxically, they create more waves at lower speeds than at high speeds. “Moto Ondoso” (chaotic wave formation) is a major problem, causing damage to historic buildings, discomfort for passengers on the water, disturbance to gondolas and traditional boats, and erosion of canal banks, building foundations and wetlands.

Noise and vibrations: Diesel engines can reach sound levels of 89 dB and induce vibrations into the water, therefore impacting the local maritime environment and quality of city life, and disturbing the otherwise peaceful stillness of the Laguna.

Pollution: Water taxis, water buses, and commercial transport boats in Venice have large diesel engines that cause air pollution (CO2, HC and PM), resuspension of contaminated sediment within canals, and respiratory ailments affecting residents.

The Voga Yachts concept enhances the efficiency of local water transport, by reducing waves, noise and environmental impact. We propose to achieve this through:

Innovative Low-Wake, Low-Wave, Low-Energy Hull

Innovative Hydrogen-Supercapacitor-Electric Propulsion

Our Low Wave hull allows fast travel in displacement mode, faster than “hull speed”, while simultaneously reducing wave formation by up to 60%, and lowering energy consumption up to 60%. CFD simulations with Cadence Fine Marine and scale model testing support this. Unlike other so-called low wave designs, our single hull has a pleasing shape compatible with traditional luxury motor boats.

Simulation of Voga hull and Venice taxi at 14.4 km/h “hull speed” (both 9m 2.4 ton)
Energy and Wave Amplitude comparison of Voga hull and Venice taxi (both 9m 2.4 ton)

Visit us at the Venice Salone Nautico from 31 May to 4 June 2023.

Voga Yachts was a finalist for MIT DesignX Venice in 2022.

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